ZSNES for Intel Mac

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Time to play Super Nintendo games on Mac




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ZSNES is the perfect SNES emulator for Mac. No matter how powerful is your new computer or the amazing graphics of the latest games, SNES games are always welcome and ZSNES for intel Mac is the emulator you need to play all of them.

In fact, ZSNES for Intel Mac allows you to play next to all games of that oldie console which meant a revolution. Games like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past, Super Street Figher or Super Mario Kart can be played on MAc thanks to ZSNES.

The emulator offers basic features like save and resume, control configuration, sound effects, video settings, tricks, etc.

Finally, ZSNES for Intel Mac can be run in a window or fullscreen.

For Mac computers equipped with Intel chpset.

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